*updated* You shouldn’t piss me off in a room full of knives.

Sadly, the husband & I are sitting at the kitchen table…..playing on our respective laptops. Yes, this is our Saturday night entertainment. I have yet to decide if we have no lives, are getting old, or are just too fucking lazy to do something decent on a Saturday nite. It seriously went downhill when the husband opened his mouth & inserted both feet (as he usually does). After a lull in the conversation, he says, “I’m looking on Travis’ page right now.” I asked, “His Facebook page? Are you still on Facebook?” He replied, “Yeah. His oldest daughter? Is really freakin’ cute.” And I’m all, “Dood! I’m sitting right FUCKING here!!!!!!!!!!”

Now I realize that this is pretty much a marriage of convenience (& certainly not the good kind of convenience), but I now keep looking over at the knife block, trying to decide if it’s worth going to jail to make my point. Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

Update – The husband tried to get out of he hole he had dug himself into by saying, “If she were mine, she would be locked up.”

So not helping your case dood.