where’s a pensieve when you need one? oh wait, here’s some super glue. that’ll work.

i’m finding that i need to keep something to write on near by at all times. you can’t find a room at home that doesn’t have a notepad of some sort in it. if i don’t write my thoughts down right away, then i either 1) over analyze it and change it until it doesn’t even closely resemble what i initially thought of to begin with (and then of course is totally NOT funny) or 2) i tip my head at some point afterwards and the thought just falls out of my brain with no pensieve to go into. i wonder sometimes if it’s just possible to super glue the thoughts back in my brain? wait! sniffing glue. there’s the solution. when the thoughts fall out, i can snif some glue & then stick the thougths back in there. & if i use super glue, that shit is NEVER coming out. i might have just come up with a cure for alzheimers. i should totally be a doctor.