a perfect example of why i share my blog with so few…..

i find it extremely funny how people who haven’t had kids (& even some who have had kids) have such strong ideas of what they would or wouldn’t let happen to their kids. AND make sure that they tell you about it. honestly, unless you’re in the EXACT same situation, you really have NO idea of what you would actually do, right?


i do have an example. this isn’t jsut mindless ranting (well some might say it is, eh tanya? lol). my daughter has an eye prob (phpv – but i won’t bore you with all the details) for which she has had 2 surgeries. that doesn’t include the 1 that was cancelled in the middle of it cuz the dr just wasn’t comfy with how everything looked once he started cutting open her eye (which you would think he would have determined BEFORE he started cutting, but i digress…..). she has been seeing a pediatric opthalmologist since the age of 2 & there have been varying degrees of patching & filters. each time her vision improves, we scale back on the patching/filters to see how well she can maintain & hoping that we’re near the end. BUT……….my daughter always finds way to slack off & then her vision gets worse again. so then it’s back to more agressive patching. this time was no exception. her last 2 appts had been good – not only maintaing the vision she has but even improving a little. friday’s appt was a WHOLE OTHER STORY. her vision deteriorated AGAIN cuz she’s looking over her glasses & closing the eye that she’s supposed to be working on. her current eye dr is a no b.s. kinda guy & he doesn’t take any crap. if my daughter doesn’t do what she’s supposed to, he reprimands her. and on friday he made her cry. i have no problem with this cuz it’s the only thing that gets through to her.

so this morning i was explaining to my boss about it & she got all offended saying that she wouldn’t let anyone talk to her child like that. wtf????? 1st of all – she doesn’t even HAVE any kids! & 2nd – she’s heard about the struggles i’ve had with my daughter & she’s OFFENDED b cuz a dr is making her feel bad for not doing what she is supposed to? i’m sorry, since when has she become a kid’s johnnie cochran? she hasn’t been immersed in this like I have for the past 7 years, so i really don’t think that she grasps the real problem here. she obviously missed the whole point of the conversation. i don’t care that the eye dr made my daughter cry. in fact…..BRAVO DUDE! thanks for gettin’ our back cuz she’s obviously not listening to US. i mean, COME ON! so he made her cry? she’ll live. & maybe…..just maybe…..she’ll think twice next time she tries to look over her glasses & decide it’s not worth mom, dad, AND the eye dr yelling at her. problem solved!

maybe some day i’ll get to a point where i can share this blog with anyone & say, “i don’t care if you don’t like what i write. tough shit…..sue me!” but for now, i’m just grateful that i can write…………whatever.

One thought on “a perfect example of why i share my blog with so few…..”

  1. ah. gotta love the stubborn ones, huh? she'll learn, eventually. now that i'm having a child, i often wonder how my before stance ("i'll NEVER let my kid do that!", et al) will measure up to my after stance. time will tell.

    luckily vrock & i are on the same page for a lot of stuff, so that will help.

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