we should line up the tv people in front of a firing squad for their crappy series finales…..

i’m wondering if tv isn’t just a big conspiracy. you may be asking if i’m just ranting…..damn straight i’m ranting! you get hooked on a show & it never fails that for SOME reason, the freakin’ rug gets pulled out from under you.

i got hooked into kyle xy on abc family. watched it diligently like a good little minion. i noticed not too long ago that all the previews were saying “the final episodes”. and i’m all crap! another show i like being cancelled! do i have cooties or something that causes the shows i like to be cancelled? i still watch (being the good little minion that i am) and i have to say there was a really good build-up to the series finale last monday. the finale itself kept my interest & i’m waiting for all the little pieces to fall into place the way they’re supposed to in a final episode. then i notice the clock. it’s getting awfully close to the end of the show, and yet, nothing has really been resolved. and i’m thinking “damn they better wrap this up quick!” well, THAT TOTALLY DID NOT HAPPEN! they literally dropped a few bombshells that left the story WAY too open. wtf????? don’t do this to me! i’d love to just line ’em all up in front of a firing squad for getting me all excited & then dash my hopes of a (if even somewhat) happy ending over & over & OVER again!

i found this great recap that absolutely says it all. and click here to see some answers from a writer/co-producer of the show.

why the hell do i even bother watching tv anymore? cuz i’m a good little minion…..

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  1. and this is why i rarely (anymore) watch the new shows every season. i LOVED dirty sexy money & pushing daisies. both got the boot. this last fall season i think the only new show i picked up was the mentalist and it's doing well. but the year before and the one before that? all the new shows got the axe. maybe that's why hollywood is flush with remakes of crap that doesn't need to be remade?

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