why should i make a bucket list? i’m going to live forever…..

yep, i’m in my ‘immortal’ frame of mind again. lol but, i guess i could list a few things on the off chance that i DO actually kick the bucket. limiting the list to 5 (cuz that’s what plinky asked for) is harder than you think and if i were to really do the list right, it would be MUCH longer (as i’m sure most people’s would). you also may notice that i seem to be in somewhat of a daredevil phase….. (would you say #5 counts as that? lol)
take a ride in a hot air balloon
i’ve always wanted to do this. it looks like it would be such a peaceful ride & i imagine the view would be beautiful! every year, provo has a hot air balloon event as part of their freedom festival (4th of july). it’s so amazing to see all those balloons take off early in the morning…..
get a bachelor’s degree
yeah, i’m pushing 40, & i still have not done this. my ‘year off’ from school (as i told my parents when i grad from hs) was indefinitely extended. life has a tendancy to intevene in even your best laid plans…..
go skydiving/bungee jumping
why the hell not? live life to the fullest! what i do think is funny, though, is that i have issues with those slingshot-type rides at ammusement parks. and yet i want to throw myself out of a plane/off a platform & hope that i don’t go splat on the earth below. interesting, don’t you think?
travel to greece/ireland
i’m combining a couple of places from my travel goal list for this one. these are two places i would really love to see before i ‘go’. i seem to be drawn to islands/water. does that mean something?
make love in hawaii under a waterfall
but not with just anyone…..