*updated* i think pandora has been taken over by the trolls from ‘the 10th kingdom’ that sang the bee gees cuz they thought it was magic…..

pandora is my savior at work…..no joke. it also makes me freakin’ laugh my ass off sometimes!

today i was listening to the kc & the sunshine band station i created recently cuz i absolutely needed something upbeat to keep me awake. i took a break from listening, but forgot to pause the music. when i finally went back to it, i scrolled to see what had played and i see that ‘lady in red’ played. wtf? really? it’s a damn disco station, and it played ‘lady in red’? freak! my boss has said that her abba station plays the beatles and other weird stuff too. don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against any of these bands/songs at all. but when i’m in a mood for a certain type of music, if something weird gets thrown in there, it totally throws off my mojo. lol and it’s just weird that they’re being played on disco stations. diiiissssscoooo. so i start to think that pandora has been taken over by trolls. and not just any trolls, but the trolls from ‘the 10th kingdom’. if you’ve ever seen that tv show, you know the trolls of which i speak. the trolls go to through a portal to modern-day nyc trying to find a prince who’s been turned into a dog by an evil witch who is trying to kill him. they happen upon a cassette boom box that has the bee gees ‘night fever’ in it and think it’s magic. they take the boom box & play the song over & over until the batteries die and they chuck it cuz our magic sucks. lol i think they decided to take my disco music to their kingdom and leave me with freakin’ ‘lady in red’. just great.

update: thank god for you tube (can i say that if i’m agnostic?). if not for you tube, those who have not seen ‘the 10th kingdom’ would be sitting there scratching their heads, asking, “wtf is she talking about? trolls in pandora and on tv?”

you should know that the trolls didn’t actually think the bee gees were magic. they thought the boom box was magic. but if you think about it, the bee gees really are magic i think (& there’s no way you can convince me otherwise so just suck it!) no man can sing THAT high without some kind of magic. maybe it’s magic psychedelic mushrooms that make you fall asleep while playing ‘whiter shade of pale’ so vines can grow all over you and make you never wake up. lol

i turn the radio (regular radio – not pandora) on as i’m frantically trying to find my daughter’s new school on my way to work this morning, and ‘stayin’ alive’ is playing. i shit you not! fate is a funny thing. i had to laugh even harder cuz the station was playing aha’s ‘take on me’ over the top of it. i think the trolls have gotten in there too.

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  1. Where’s my share of what you’re smoking?? Also, a man can see that high, as long as he has someone to kick him in the family jewels.. Then he can sing that high for a little bit (before he passes out from the pain.

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