goodbye jim…..

my son’s grandfather (the sperm donor’s dad) passed away on monday. my son is taking this really hard and i feel for him. they had the wonderful opportunity to really get to know each other. i’m so glad for that. i don’t have many details, but my understanding is that it was cardiac failure of some sort. it is sad that he is gone, but i was told he didn’t suffer, which is good.

i can’t say that he & i had the best relationship. for a long time, the man thought i was the anti-christ, the devil incarnate or something inherently evil. however, he did come to realize at some point that it totally takes two to tango & that i wasn’t the worst parent in the world. once he did that, things changed between us. i know that he was only looking out for his family and after all that, i can honestly say that he was a good man.

rest in peace jim. you will be missed.