i would rather have driven nails into my skull than hear these songs back then…..

i was ready to call the radio stations & pay to get them to stop playing this song. it’s funny now, because if the song comes on, you can catch me singing, “come on eileen ta-lu-ri-ay!”
culture club did not impress me when they 1st hit the scene. and it didn’t help that this song always seemed to be on the radio. all it took were the those 1st three words, “give me time”, and i was desperately searching for a new station. but culture club had other songs that i really like and eventually i came around to this song.
99 red balloons/99 luftbaloons…..this song drove me batty! you never knew whether the station would play the german or english version. either way, i was scratchin’ my head thinking, “wtf is she trying to say?” and the english version made no freakin sense at all. this song still makes my ears bleed, although less than it used to.