a job i actually like? is that even possible?

i’m 2 months into my new position as a payroll clerk and i really like it. the job is very much what i was told it would be – lots of excel work (pretty much 95%). i get to use my excel skills and have also been able to expand my skill set in a short time. it gets even better, b cuz i was made a permanent employee last month. woo hoo! i have benefits now. 🙂

the never-ending struggle with the child and the toothbrush

what exactly do i have to do to get my child to brush her flippin teeth right every time????? no matter what we say or do, it never seems to get through to her. i’m so tired of yelling at her and threatening her to get it done right the 1st time. if we’re lucky, she will do it right for a little while, but then falls back into the same bad habit. i can just imagine if her teeth are a problem now, at age 9, that we’re gonna have serious hygene issues with her once she hits puberty. ugh! now is one of the times when i ask, “and what exactly was the reason we decided to have children?”

twilight the movie

i went to see twilight last night with a friend as part of a pretty big group. the books are a big thing out here and so, of course, the movie was quite a big thing as well. it’s not common to see police at movies out here, so when you do have it happen, you know it’s a big deal. we got to the theater early, but since the movie was being shown on half the screens at a 20-plex (no joke), the line to get in wasn’t too long. my friend saw the movie fri nite, but was reserving her opinion until she saw it again. she just wasn’t sure what she thought of it yet. now, i promise there will be no spoilers here. 🙂 i did enjoy the movie and that kind of surprised me. i was wary of seeing it after reading all four books. i was worried that i would feel similarly to how i felt after watching the later harry potter movies (they have now become very difficult to watch after reading the books). however, twilight was a really good movie. i felt that they stayed much more on track with the book than i expected. i really did like it and was glad i went. my friend said that she really liked it after seeing it the 2nd time. 🙂 the soundtrack is really good too – i bought it today. i think it’s safe to say that you will like the movie regardless of whether you have read the book or not. enjoy!

*update* whose freakin bright idea was this?

i’m talking about the scentsy warmer. nice idea………..in theory. however, the application of the device definitely needs some work. the warmer and plug are one piece, ideally to work in a small area without a lot of counter space (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, etc.). you can transport the unit from room to room when the wax is hard in the well. no problem there. the well is just big enough to hold one square of scentsy wax, which is perfect, IF the scent lasted forever! but, as expected, the scent eventually fades. now we have a problem. i’ve been using mine almost every day in my bathroom and so now the scent has pretty much faded and needs to changed. in order to change the wax, you have to melt it 1st. do ya see where i’m goin with this yet? once the wax has melted, you pour it back into the original container, let it harden again, and then either use it later (if it’s still scented) or toss it. ok, so………….ladies……………how do we generally have to get a plug out of an outlet? ok, so my question is slightly sterotypical, but it’s not supposed to be. we just generally change things out of our bathroom electrical outlets more often b cuz of the things we have to do to our hair and there NEVER seem to be enough empty plugs, right? anyway, so you have to wiggle this unit to get it out…………….with the melted wax still in the well. needless to say, the wax is freakin EVERYWHERE. on the mirror…………on the counter…………….in the sink………………… brilliant, just bloody brilliant! (distant nightmares of the “livin la vida loca” music video came to mind…..) and of course, it cools/hardens quickly, so trying to get it off is going to be an absolute blast. so, while the concept is really cool, i might be looking for the next generation warmer to see if scentsy comes up with a slightly better design to get the wax out of the well, without getting it all over everywhere i don’t want it to be.

**update** i should clarify that i’m referring to the new plug-in warmer. the regular warmer works just great! 🙂