my chiro is into s&m & i can’t fucking find 12 cents…..

the chiro says that i’m getting better. i’ve gained more range of motion in my neck & i have less numbness in my fingers. but my arm still hurts like a bitch! he wants to start a little more aggressive therapy to get more results faster. so after 4 wks, we’re finally onto the ‘manual’ adjustments. oh joy. i’m wondering if these adjustments aren’t akin to s&m. thank goodness he’s easy on the eyes & has a good sense of humor, otherwise i’m not sure i would let him do this to me. freak! can’t i at least get some foreplay first? ROFL! he actually started these adjustments last friday, and while i really did feel a difference afterwards, they fucking HURT!!!!! guess that just shows how screwed up my body is. i’m still going 3x/week and then we’ll see what’s next after another 4 weeks.

this week being a payroll week didn’t fail to disappoint. the msf pulled their usual crap to try to get paid on sales that they really shouldn’t have. they are getting better about accepting the word ‘no’ cuz they know i won’t put up with their stoopid whining. i’m sorry, you want to get paid on this contract when you didn’t follow procedure? TOO FUCKING BAD!!!!!

i’m playing with new toys on the computer/internet. well, they’re new for me!!!!! since i seem to be much better at communicating on the computer, than any other method, i’m checking out things that just might possibly help me do that (in one form or another) like plinky, twitter, & flickr. i already spend hours on the computer each week, so why not add some more? lol

the work day is nearly over, & i’m so glad cuz i’ve been bored out of my ever lovin’ mind!!!!! with all my normal tasks done (as much as can be) and all the special projects in a holding pattern until more boxes are ready, i’ve been dying!!!!! i’m so glad that i had my hair appointment today to help break up the day. i came back to work feeling vewy pwetty & not giving a rat’s ass about finding the 12 cents i’m out of balance on the payroll report. that’s what monday’s are for.

no real plans this weekend need to finish up my mk inventory this weekend so that we can finish our taxes (that is unless i talk myself into getting up at the butt crack of dawn & driving to centerville to go to a craft warehouse sale with all the other crafting idiots in the state). maybe next year i’ll get my shit together & be better prepared for tax time. eh? prolly not.

i just remembered that i’ve not mentioned that i was even going to a chiro before now. but that’s ok, those that know me know that i’ve been going to one. it’s all good.

& yes, my cat is still alive & my hair elastics are safe…..for now.