finding my rat park…..

i read an article escape your rat race in a recent o magazine that talks about how most people will tend to stay in their familiar “cage” rather than face the unknown even when the cage is the worst place for them to be. they keep themselves from finding their “rat park”.

when i thought about many of the decisions i have made in my life, i saw that i have been keeping myself in familiar situations, rather than allowing myself to find my more ideal life (note how i didn’t say perfect life). after reading this article, i feel better knowing that finding that ideal life won’t require any major changes. it’s just a matter of focusing on what feels psychologically “warmer” to me and making small changes as i go along. i can definitely do that.

so hopefully soon i can honestly say that i’m in rat park. it will be a much better place, i’m sure.

One thought on “finding my rat park…..”

  1. is that anything like a trailer park? if so, can you save the lot next to yours for us? LOL change is hard. even if you know that the change is good for you. it’ll all work out in the end.

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