& the career rug is pulled out from under me…..

i get into work this morning and find two emails. one states that our company is being purchased by another larger one. the next is that there are meetings this morning to discuss the first email. while in the process of reading these emails, a group from my department came back from one of the meetings and says that i really need to go to the next meeting. the ceo was running the meeting and said that the merger was a really positive thing. of course it is……for him. i’m sure he stands to get a nice chunk of change from all of this. there’s not much that can be said at this point bcuz the deal is not closed yet. what information was available said that they were excited to be able to bring “most” of the existing employees over, but that duplicate positions would be eliminated. i work in payroll – that is definitely a redundant position. any person considering this merger logically would recognize that hr, payroll, and accounting would be at the top of the list of positions to be eliminated. so while it’s business as usual until the deal is closed, i may only have a job for the next 6-8 months. ugh!

One thought on “& the career rug is pulled out from under me…..”

  1. oh honey. i’m SO sorry! i totally feel your pain on this one. while my getting “displaced” didn’t have anything to do with OUR merger, i can totally relate! this just sucks donkey balls. there really isn’t any other phrase that adequately describes it. i’ll be sitting by the phone waiting for you to call when you’re ready to vent. love you girl!

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