thankful that thanksgiving is over…..

yea! thanksgiving is really over. whew! that’s not the normal response you might hear, but it is normal for me. lol i’m not a real fan of the holidays, so i’m usually counting the days until the new year just for them to be done and over. don’t get me wrong, i’m not a “bah! humbug!” kind of gal regarding the holidays. i can’t even explain why i feel this way in general. i seem to recall a lot of family holidays feeling forced rather than cheerful. that could have something to do with it. i can say that in the last decade, my annoyance with certain aspects of the holidays have not helped. for example, whose f’n brainstorm was it to start putting out xmas items in the stores before halloween? are ya kiddin’ me? hum de dum, i’m looking for a costume for my child, but 1st let me stock up on xmas wrapping paper and lights for my house. lol and what’s with one of the radio stations out here playing xmas music 24/7 from the day after halloween? gets so bad that by the time xmas does roll around, you might hear me scream at the 1st notes of a xmas song. there might be a reason that many people put a little kick in their egg nog. 😉

a little over the top? perhaps. lol but i don’t think i’m completely alone in my thinking. i am thinking that xmas time would be a good time to go someplace warm & forget about all this. especially if it’s a white xmas which would make me also be thankful for my 4-wheel drive. lol!