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Mormon Graffiti

Driving down Bangerter Highway, you will often see messages written in the fences that cross the highway.

In plastic cups. True story.

You will see anything from birthday messages to welcome home messages for missionaries. Even marriage proposals. They usually don’t last long. You might see the messages intact once as you drive by. The next time you pass by? The messages are most likely distorted, possibly even transformed into something totally different from the original message.

I took this picture on the way to work this morning. This message has been intact for I think 3 weeks now. I’m amazed at how much effort was put into it and at how respecful people have been to not destroy it. Of course now that I’ve said that…..well, you know.

On My Mind

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Whew!

This year was a simple one for us, and I for one (maybe the ONLY one) was glad for it. We ended up getting a Honeybaked Ham (instead of being covered in turkey guts) and just had a few sides with it. Trust me that was more than enough. And no tryptophan comas this year. SCORE!


Two weeks left and I will have SURVIVED THE 1ST SEMESTER! Where’s my gold statue? (btw, it’s spelled s-t-a-c-E-Y! *sigh*)

The homework for the four PowerPoint chapters in my computer class is crammed into the next two weeks. I KNOW! Plus the final PowerPoint project is due next week too. I’m actually thinking of doing very little for the final project, or not even doing it at all. I have such a high grade in that class, it wouldn’t hurt.

And then there’s the math final, which shouldn’t be too bad. I hope.

I got an email from the college saying that course evals are now available online and they’re due by Dec. 13th. That gives me plenty of time to figure out what I’m going to say about the psycho professor from hell. It totally goes without saying that I will NOT miss her. At. All.

This Friday I will finally be allowed to register for the spring semester (cuz I’m still low on the credits totem pole). I’ve decided on 2 programming classes, but I still haven’t quite figured out if I will take 2 or 3 more classes and what they will be yet. Good thing work is slow DEAD. It might actually give me a chance to figure that all out by Friday. Or not. I’m still behind on blog reading you know.


November 19th was my one year blogiversary. And my blog stayed silent.

I could blame the silence on work. I could blame it on school. I could blame it on the fact that I killed like a million brain cells when I got totally shitfaced that week. But the truth is…..

I don’t know WHAT the truth is.

I don’t know why I write less and less lately. I don’t know why I remind myself that I need to write, and then find anything else I can think of to do instead (and my office is looking better than ever these days!). I don’t know why I write blog posts in my head when I lay down each night (but not write them down) only to completely forget what the hell I was thinking about when I wake the next morning.

I’m hoping it’s just a phase and that it passes quickly.


I had the strangest dream last week. I was at my high school reunion and NO ONE TALKED TO ME. NO ONE. It was absolutely awful. And then I was asked to be a server of some sort. And I was all WTF? I’m being ignored and now I’m asked to wait on the people who are ignoring me? I so don’t think so. So I left the reunion bawling.

It was SO WEIRD. I already went to my reunion last year. And even though I wasn’t the most popular kid in school (in fact far from it…I was a total band geek), I wasn’t ignored. I did, however, manage to make an ass out of myself a couple of times cuz I totally remembered someone’s face, but completely forgot their name and even called them by a different one. Brilliant Stacey, just plain brilliant.

I’m so sorry Juan! I really do remember you! You can totally accept my Facebook friend request now!

Yeah, like he reads my blog.

happy valentine’s day? buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

i admit it. i receive emails from an online adult store. there, i said it. sometimes the stuff in the emails is just too unbelieveably weird. i received an email today from them and at the top of the message it said:

last chance – 25% off all vibrators for valentine’s day!
and i’m thinking, who in the HELL would give a vibrator as a valentine’s day present? i realize that many try to give something different than the more common candy or flowers. but, really? a vibrator? i guess nothing says true love more than a junk buzzer. well, some might actually agree with that.

maybe hallmark should get in the adult product biz. their new slogan could be “when you care enough to send the very best ………. orgasm”.

thankful that thanksgiving is over…..

yea! thanksgiving is really over. whew! that’s not the normal response you might hear, but it is normal for me. lol i’m not a real fan of the holidays, so i’m usually counting the days until the new year just for them to be done and over. don’t get me wrong, i’m not a “bah! humbug!” kind of gal regarding the holidays. i can’t even explain why i feel this way in general. i seem to recall a lot of family holidays feeling forced rather than cheerful. that could have something to do with it. i can say that in the last decade, my annoyance with certain aspects of the holidays have not helped. for example, whose f’n brainstorm was it to start putting out xmas items in the stores before halloween? are ya kiddin’ me? hum de dum, i’m looking for a costume for my child, but 1st let me stock up on xmas wrapping paper and lights for my house. lol and what’s with one of the radio stations out here playing xmas music 24/7 from the day after halloween? gets so bad that by the time xmas does roll around, you might hear me scream at the 1st notes of a xmas song. there might be a reason that many people put a little kick in their egg nog. 😉

a little over the top? perhaps. lol but i don’t think i’m completely alone in my thinking. i am thinking that xmas time would be a good time to go someplace warm & forget about all this. especially if it’s a white xmas which would make me also be thankful for my 4-wheel drive. lol!