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Hell really has frozen over and I can prove it.

Theorem – Hell has frozen over.

Proof – According to Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary, one of the definitions of hell is:

2 a : a place or state of misery, torment, or wickedness.



Wouldn’t living in a state I loathe for the past 7 years (7 YEARS? WTF?), dealing with the end of my marriage, and getting laid off from my job in two months qualify for being in a state of misery and/or torment? Yeah, I think so too. *snort* (I promise you there’s more to that list, but then we totally go off-topic and skirt the realm of TMI, so it’s best for me to just keep those to myself.)

Therefore, I am in hell.

And since this is what it looks like today:

We can conclude that hell has truly frozen over.

Up yours Winter.

Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.” ~Robert Byrne
Winter was just screwing with us a couple weeks ago when the temperatures finally dropped 30 degrees and there was snow on the ground for about 8 hours. But now I think it may finally be starting to dig in for the long haul.
Then again, maybe not.
The weather people say we’re gonna get snow this weekend and the temps are gonna stay in the 30’s and 40’s for most of the next week. Except you I can never believe those people, so it will probably be balmy 80-degree days instead. It could happen!

Last night, it was raining on my way home from class but I didn’t think anything of it. And then this was what I woke up to this morning:

Pretty, huh? I still think it’s too early, though, to say the weather people were right. I’M KEEPING AN EYE ON YOU PEOPLE! YOU HAVEN’T WON ME OVER YET!

So, it was below freezing this morning, snow on the ground, ice on my car door handles, and what did I do?

Went to Starbucks and got a mocha frappuccino. Just in case.

*updated* You go to hell winter! You go to hell and you die!

I guess it’s time to accept the fact that summer (and apparently fall too for that matter) is over. The weather people say that we’re getting snow tomorrow and Wednesday, so I guess I have to accept it (even though I don’t trust the weather people as far as I can throw them). I sure as hell don’t plan on giving up without a fight, though!

These pictures from our day at Lagoon-A-Beach have been sitting in a blank post for a while now (cuz my brain has been on freakin overload lately). They’re the perfect way to stick my tongue out at winter’s attempts to cut in line this year, don’t you think?

P.S. Ash may have a little pink on her thigh, but I’m the one who ended up fried to a crisp that day. Ah, memories!

Update – Winter’s tendrils have apparently have started to creep into my brain, cuz I completely forgot a title to this post. I channeled South Park and think I came up with a good one. Winter totally needs to heed that warning.

Dancing in the street? Maybe not today.

It’s raining. The first big fall rain of the year.

Not that sprinkly shit that decides to tease everyone with the possibility of a temperature drop, but then says “PSYCH!” and stops leaving us hot AND wet. Not from the rain, though, but from the following muggi-ness that hangs afterwards.

Afternoon rain reminds me of another afternoon, a freakin’ million years ago (a.k.a. high school). I can’t remember what time of the year it was (cuz it was a freakin’ million years ago. What part of that did you NOT get?). My friend Robyn and I were at my house and it started to rain. Only it was still sunny outside. So what did we do? We went outside and danced in the rain. In the middle of the street. True story. Cars drove by and we waved. WAVED. We waved at them and kept dancing. After, we went back in the house, soaked and laughing.

There are times when I miss those days. Like today. The first big fall rain. And I would love nothing more than to go outside and dance in the rain. Maybe not in the middle of the street. I’m not crazy. I AM NOT!

Ok, so I just looked out the window. It’s raining REALLY hard. And it’s REALLY windy. And there’s thunder and lightning. I think I will have to postpone my rain dancing for now.

Fuck. My car windows are open.

s is for the…..

in today’s quest to avoid my work, i came up with an acronym for snow. as you can imagine, it is snowing again today. i know i have said this, but i am done. i am SO done. i am BEYOND done. and no i’m not exaggerating.

if it helps, i am hearing the tune to “m is for the…” in my head. among other things. the voices are really the ones that told me to do this.

S is for the slick & slippery roadways

N is for the nimrod idiots who don’t deserve to have a license (and might not actually have one) & have no business being on the road (ok so that line doesn’t quite fit with the tune….bite me!)

O is for the OMG!…..I…..CAN’T…..STOP!!!!!

W is for when will spring really be here?

you may think i’m bitter from reading this. do i SOUND bitter? do i? DO I?????

OF COURSE i’m fucking bitter!!!!! LOL wanna criticize? come here 1st & drive in this crap & then try to criticize.

snow snow go away, come again ………. NEVER!!!!!

mother nature needs to stop screwing with us. last week was gorgeous – by friday, we were in the 70’s. a little soon to be that warm, but we weren’t complaining. sunday came and all bets were off. the temp started to drop, it was really windy & we got a little rain. no biggie. i can handle that. by monday am, it was snowing AGAIN!!!!! i mean, come on! no more f’n snow! i’m DONE!!!!!

the snow finally got me ………. damn it!

in the past 6 yrs here in utah, i’ve managed to drive pretty well in the snow. my record is now broken, ugh! friday we got hit with a bad storm. it was pretty much whiteout conditions. my dept was allowed to leave early bcuz of the storm. i left work and was getting on the freeway. my car started to slide around a corner and i hit a cement edge. crap! it snapped off part of the rim and screwed up the alignment. luckily no one else was involved and the damage was not that bad. it certainly could have been a lot worse! but, damn it! i was doing so well! LOL