the snow finally got me ………. damn it!

in the past 6 yrs here in utah, i’ve managed to drive pretty well in the snow. my record is now broken, ugh! friday we got hit with a bad storm. it was pretty much whiteout conditions. my dept was allowed to leave early bcuz of the storm. i left work and was getting on the freeway. my car started to slide around a corner and i hit a cement edge. crap! it snapped off part of the rim and screwed up the alignment. luckily no one else was involved and the damage was not that bad. it certainly could have been a lot worse! but, damn it! i was doing so well! LOL

One thought on “the snow finally got me ………. damn it!”

  1. and it’s exactly stuff like that that makes me loathe snow and driving in it!! i’ve put my car in the ditch exactly once due to ice and that was more than enough! now i stay home or make someone else drive. (and then freak out the whole time! LOL)

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