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& the career rug is pulled out from under me…..

i get into work this morning and find two emails. one states that our company is being purchased by another larger one. the next is that there are meetings this morning to discuss the first email. while in the process of reading these emails, a group from my department came back from one of the meetings and says that i really need to go to the next meeting. the ceo was running the meeting and said that the merger was a really positive thing. of course it is……for him. i’m sure he stands to get a nice chunk of change from all of this. there’s not much that can be said at this point bcuz the deal is not closed yet. what information was available said that they were excited to be able to bring “most” of the existing employees over, but that duplicate positions would be eliminated. i work in payroll – that is definitely a redundant position. any person considering this merger logically would recognize that hr, payroll, and accounting would be at the top of the list of positions to be eliminated. so while it’s business as usual until the deal is closed, i may only have a job for the next 6-8 months. ugh!

where’d that come from?

i had such a strange dream the other night. really strange for me. as usual, i have forgotten a lot of the details. however, i do remember that obama was in it. wtf????? i am not a politically minded person, so the fact that the president elect was in my dream, and in the part of my dream that i remember, is just too weird for me. WEIRD i tell you!

oh, but it gets so much weirder…….. i may not remember many details, but i do know that the dream was sexual in nature. let me say again…..WTF????? am i the new monica lewinsky? the new scandal to take down the first african american president in history? holy crap, i’ll be FAMOUS!!!!!

i know that you can’t take dreams at face value and that the whole thing is probably representing something else going on in my mind (something going on in my mind? me? nah, not possible. there’s nothing up there. i’ve got blond roots, remember?). when i woke up, though, all i could think about is how out of left field that was. note to self: no more of those, please. i’m begging you. LOL

the snow finally got me ………. damn it!

in the past 6 yrs here in utah, i’ve managed to drive pretty well in the snow. my record is now broken, ugh! friday we got hit with a bad storm. it was pretty much whiteout conditions. my dept was allowed to leave early bcuz of the storm. i left work and was getting on the freeway. my car started to slide around a corner and i hit a cement edge. crap! it snapped off part of the rim and screwed up the alignment. luckily no one else was involved and the damage was not that bad. it certainly could have been a lot worse! but, damn it! i was doing so well! LOL

*update* whose freakin bright idea was this?

i’m talking about the scentsy warmer. nice idea……… theory. however, the application of the device definitely needs some work. the warmer and plug are one piece, ideally to work in a small area without a lot of counter space (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, etc.). you can transport the unit from room to room when the wax is hard in the well. no problem there. the well is just big enough to hold one square of scentsy wax, which is perfect, IF the scent lasted forever! but, as expected, the scent eventually fades. now we have a problem. i’ve been using mine almost every day in my bathroom and so now the scent has pretty much faded and needs to changed. in order to change the wax, you have to melt it 1st. do ya see where i’m goin with this yet? once the wax has melted, you pour it back into the original container, let it harden again, and then either use it later (if it’s still scented) or toss it. ok, so………….ladies……………how do we generally have to get a plug out of an outlet? ok, so my question is slightly sterotypical, but it’s not supposed to be. we just generally change things out of our bathroom electrical outlets more often b cuz of the things we have to do to our hair and there NEVER seem to be enough empty plugs, right? anyway, so you have to wiggle this unit to get it out…………….with the melted wax still in the well. needless to say, the wax is freakin EVERYWHERE. on the mirror…………on the counter…………….in the sink………………… brilliant, just bloody brilliant! (distant nightmares of the “livin la vida loca” music video came to mind…..) and of course, it cools/hardens quickly, so trying to get it off is going to be an absolute blast. so, while the concept is really cool, i might be looking for the next generation warmer to see if scentsy comes up with a slightly better design to get the wax out of the well, without getting it all over everywhere i don’t want it to be.

**update** i should clarify that i’m referring to the new plug-in warmer. the regular warmer works just great! 🙂